William Keddell
Stereographic Art


Artist’s Statement

My work engages stereographic visualization and therefore deals with our comprehension of dimensionality.

Outwardly my gallery installations take different forms, but part of each work consists of purpose-built high definition binocular lens viewers. By looking into the viewers it is clear that the work contains its essentials in a stereographic space. (Consequently, slide-sheets and other planar digital formats cannot represent my work in any meaningful way.)

I am using stereographic processes to explore the dimensionality of corporeal space. Exploring ways in which to delineate and to draw this space is essentially what my work is about. 

Toward this end I employ different processes. Some of my work still uses cameras and film. Some involves long exposure times. These durations are measured by minutes and hours, rather than as parts of seconds. In these works one sees the traces of extensive interventions, which are used to highlight and/or subvert a scene’s essential spatial individuality. In some work it was pinpoints of light that carried the eyes into the depth of urban wastelands. In other projects it has been numbered stakes, floating symbols, color clashes, and other formal structural contrivances to achieve this end.

In recent years a significant part of my work has been made by a process, which does not originate with either film or cameras. It is a unique, personal and evolving digital process of drawing where two images are created simultaneously. One image is for the left eye and another is for the right eye. My tools are computers, and digital media and I utilize a combination of scientific computer software programs, which are being manipulated as if they were tools for drawing. 

With each new batch of work new methods are being explored.

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