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"Fountainhead is a unique opportunity that allows an artist to get to know the Miami art world while gaining professional development experiences. If you are an emerging artist, consider it a bootcamp of sorts -- there are plenty of studio visits and opportunities to increase your exposure and visibility. Overall, I walked away with some great connections to people from all over the world who came through the residency, and an informed perspective on how my interdisciplinary practice exists in the various aspects of the art world. I am grateful for the experience. “
Helina Metaferia, Fountainhead Alum, MD

As a freelance curator working in Miami for many years now I introduced more than ten Israeli artists to the Fountainhead Residency. I realized that for an artist – being in the Fountainhead Residency is more beneficial than having a gallery solo show in town. The opportunity to work in the best environment and to be exposed to the local art community together with the amazing support they get from Kathryn Mikesell in introducing them to local art scene professionals – is beyond any other experience.  
Tami Katz-Freiman, Independent Curator

The Fountainhead Residency is one of the most important ingredients in my cultural diet because it constantly expands my understanding and appreciation of what's happening in contemporary art today. It does this by bringing notable mid-career artists from around the world right here to Miami, where we can spend time learning about their practices up and close and personal, not just through a sign in a museum. One thing I particularly value is how Fountainhead lets me see artists' creative process up close; I find this very inspiring because it encourages me to think about the world in new ways. And, Fountainhead is a gathering place (at the Residency house but also out in Miami and beyond) for anyone who's interested in how contemporary art is evolving, and wants to take an active role in shaping what art can be in the future. Having a chance to meet the curators, museum directors, collectors and local artists who are part of the Fountainhead family is always incredibly stimulating. I support Fountainhead because it elevates me, as well as the Miami cultural landscape.
Jeff Flemings, Donor and Fountainhead Experience Member

 The Fountainhead Residency has provided tremendous support to the resident artists visiting Miami for a myriad of reasons, the residency is a critical piece of Miami’s ever evolving cultural landscape and the city wouldn’t be the same without it!
Nina Johnson, Gallery Owner and founder of The Miami Rail

Most of the art programs and the art scene in general are intense and competitive. It is very rare to find a program that can give you also an emotionally protected lab to ask deep and influential questions about your art and mostly about yourself. Fountainhead residency gave me this precious time to ask myself about my life – crucial questions about my gender transitioning and sexual identity that relates to my art practice. I am thankful for the chance to get 8 weeks of a break and to project about yourself and your art while you are surrounded by other artist and by this warm family of Dan and Kathryn.  
Roey Heifetz, Fountainhead Alum, Berlin

Out of all the residencies I have attended, the Fountainhead Residency was particularly significant because of its location in the city. Everything couldn't have been more lovely and accommodating. It was great to connect with the community and meet with Miami-based galleries, curators, and fellow artists. I left having made many long-term professional relationships and a collaboration with Miami-based composer Matthew Evan Taylor.  
Dannielle Tegeder, Fountainhead Alum, NYC

"The Fountainhead Residency has introduced me to many new people in Miami and from around the world, and the experiences that are offered have allowed for connections I never would have made otherwise and eased my transition to Miami as home.  As a member of The Fountainhead Residency, I love seeing the art that is produced with purpose during the artists' stay in Miami and know that they have an impact on the city as much as it has on them while here."   
David Ross, Donor and Fountainhead Experience Member

 When I was invited to Fountainhead Residency I didn't know what to expect, I knew so little about Miami... After experiencing it, I could say that it was the most wonderful way to feel the city and to know it from the inside in the best possible way, create in that context and exchange ideas with other international artists. Kathryn and Dan are very special, unique and creative art supporters who make the whole experience fully positive.  
Ricardo Alcaide, Fountainhead Alum, Brazil

The Fountainhead Residency is a wonderful resource for Miami, bringing visual arts talent from all over the world to our attention in a casual and warm environment.  The residency allows for introductions, dialogue, exchanges and inspiration, both for the Miami community who visits the residents, and for the artists who participate.  Kathryn and Dan are gracious hosts and perfect ambassadors for the Miami's art community, always creating connection and opportunity in a pleasant way.
Dina Mitrani, Donor and Gallery Owner

 Fountainhead was a special experience. The residency allowed me the opportunity and time to create and expand on my ideas. I got to know and befriend amazing artists from Miami and around the world. It's an intimate setting that truly is a family and I know that I'll always be welcomed back with open arms. 
Michael Scoggins, Fountainhead Alum

 We had a MARVELOUS day at Fountainhead. The artists- Sara, Lori and Andrea - were incredibly generous with their time and information. My students had their eyes cracked open! Thanks to you for your welcoming help in contacting the artists. We will be sending thank you letters this week- but I wanted you to know right away that it was a successful, wonderful experience for us.
Elizabeth Tilly Strauss, High School Art Teacher

Fountainhead Residency was an incredible experience. Not only was I able to show my work to so many people involved in the arts and of very high profile and get feedback and opportunities from my time there, I was able to connect with Miami in a deeper level. To become 'part of the family' is an honor, a very real and warm one, the friendships we made, the dinner, the swims, the BBQs, the fancy openings, the long after-party talks, the bike rides, all unforgettable experiences that set the foundation for friendship and collaboration. Small anecdote: The Fountainhead/Morningside Mangrove Swim Team

During my time in Miami, the one thing that I was missing madly was surfing. I could not complain about a thing, I had a beautiful room with great artwork hung, an amazing house and fellow artists as companions, lots of opportunities to meet people involved in the arts, great weather, the beach, but I was missing the waves, they are so scarce in Florida. I live in the beach in El Salvador and surf every day.

Talking to some friends I had met before whom are part of the Mikesell's huge group of friends, they told me you could swim in the relatively clean-looking waters in the bay at Morningside, a beautiful neighborhood where the artist and family house is located. I was in bad need of exercise and water so we gave it a try with my friend Loco Alas. It wasn't bad, it wasn't bad at all...There are small islands you could swim to, filled with mangroves and birds. It was fun and none of us got sick whatsoever so we made it a daily routine. One day, Gil Yefman, another resident, decided to join us, he doesn't look like it but he's a good swimmer. Soon enough Kathryn herself asked to count her in for the swims and what started as a friendly, exploratory, workout fun swims became a ritual. We began to invent routes, and explorations. After I left Miami and came back to set up a sculpture at the PAMM Museum a few months later, I was invited to stay at the family house and was amazed to find out the daily rituals had evolved to a Eco conscious swim team! Lead by Kathryn, the group was bigger and self-demanding and made it a constant to pick up trash from the water and contribute to the bay that gifted us with such a great experience.
Simon Vega, Fountainhead Alum, El Salvador

We love being a member of the Fountainhead Residency because it allows us to be associated with people who love to create new things and dare to be different. We want to encourage and support those who continuously explore the art of the possible. The Fountainhead Residency program also provides us with many unusual activities that keep us connected to new opportunities.
Lois Whitman, Donor and Fountainhead Experience Member

The opportunities I've had as a result of being part of Fountainhead Residency Program in the past as well as a current artist in the Fountainhead Studio have been amazing.  Yes I moved to Miami after my residency!  I feel in love with the city! Kathryn +  Dan Mikesell are two wonderfully thoughtful supporters of local, national and international artist.  I felt at home the moment I met Kathryn & Dan.  I wouldn't be in Miami if it wasn't for their continued positive support of us as artist and the South Florida Art Community.  It is very rare to experience such support in an artist’s career.  I feel at home and part of the family.  I'm very grateful and proud to be part of the Fountainhead family.
Elaine Defibaugh, Fountainhead Alum, NYC and Miami

As the owner of a video art project space called The Screening Room and an art warehouse that provides studio spaces for artists and galleries, I have learned to understand the value of the arts community in this city.  Having a physical space where artists can get inspired and produce work while meeting other artists and starting all kinds of dialogue is at the very core of what the city of Miami needs because it is an integral part of changing a community as a more vibrant place. There is nothing similar to what Kathryn Mikesell and Fountainhead provides and their cultural contribution to this city is invaluable. 
Rhonda Mitrani, Donor and Gallery Owner

 I had many doubts before arriving to Fountainhead. It was my first residency and I didn't know what to expect. My fears faded as soon as I arrived and I discovered a most welcoming place, rich with creative minds and helping hands. During my residency I met Adia Millett and Wyatt Gallery two amazing artists who shared the residency with me, and with whom I found mutual understanding, sharing our ideas and dilemmas during our creative process. My encounter with them enriched my work in many ways, and I am very grateful we found each other, socially and artistically. 

During my stay I also met a fair bunch of curators, gallery owners and collectors who came to visit us in Fountainhead. I found that my encounter with them strengthen my ability to present myself, my work, and more importantly made me re-question my process and develop new ideas regarding my future work. 

It is not often emerging artists find themselves in such a rich and generous creative atmosphere. The experience that was given to me during my stay cannot be taken for granted and I only wish there will be more places like Fountainhead. 
Moran Kliger, Fountainhead Alum, Israel

Fountainhead builds bridges for our local art community. The residency provides a unique space for not only art making but meaningful lifelong connections that enrich and enhance our art-scope both locally and abroad.
Anthony Spinello, Miami Gallery Owner 

 The Fountainhead Residency was a unique experience. To be able to reside and work with two other artist was amazing. To learn about their practice and spend time with them sparked intense creative conversations. The space and time that the Mikesell's provide for artist's in Miami really helped me focus on my work. The residency creates a very inclusive environment and you become a part of a family. I also made several connections to curators and collectors through this experience. 
Mario Moore, Fountainhead Alum, Detroit and NYC

 As an artist and Co-Director of Dimensions Variable (DV) I can whole-heartedly say the Fountainhead has been a pivotal part of the Miami art landscape for some time now. We are grateful to Kathryn, her family, and everyone involved with Fountainhead for all their support and collaboration on DV projects over the years. Thank you for all you do!
Leyden Rodriguez-Casanova, Miami-based Artist and Co-director, Dimensions Variable (DV)

I have the most beautiful, fond memories of my experience at the Fountainhead residency. It was a unique and singular experience that allowed me to focus on my work, engage with artists and cultural producers and learn from the city and its art scene through a uniquely intimate lens. Instead of experiencing Miami as a visitor, I felt I could understand the city and its culture from the inside. This is because Kathryn and Dan Mikesell gave me everything I needed to fuel my practice, create and explore. They welcome artists into their home, and they made me feel very much a part of their family. Their passion in the work they do for their community is incredibly inspiring, and I don't know any other residency that operates in such a way.  
Amy Wong, Fountainhead Alum Toronto, Canada

As an active working artist in Miami, I cherish The Fountainhead for its purity and devotion to bringing artists of every flavor and cultural together to find and expand their inner voices. One has only to look at the min- boggling roster of celebrated alumni to understand just how coveted and valuable this residency is.
Stuart Sheldon, Donor, Board Member and Miami based artist