Tschabalala Self

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Tschabalala Self is a New York City based painter and printmaker. She received her B.A. from Bard College in 2012 and is currently a M.F.A. candidate at the Yale School of Art.

“My current body of works seeks to place the specific iconographic significance of the Black female body in contemporary culture. My project most importantly allows me to explore my relationship to my body and bodies which resemble mine.

My projects explore the expectations and fantasies projected upon the Othered female body. These fantasies are both accepted and rejected within my practice, and through this disorientation, new possibilities arise.

I am attempting to provide alternative, and perhaps fictional, explanations for the motivations behind our cultural voyeuristic tendencies towards the gendered and racialized body;; a body which is both exalted and abject.

My protagonistas, fully aware of their conspicuousness, allow viewers the privilege to gaze and experience the multiplicities of their sublime forms” 

Artist's Links

Artist's Website:   www.tschabalalaself.com 

Gallery Websites:   http://www.thierrygoldberg.com/tschabalala_self/