Trevor Amery
New Hope, PA


Artist's Statement

My artwork is a vehicle for me to build relationships with individuals, communities, and cultures around the world exploring themes of tradition, ritual, social structure, interior vs. exterior and the transience of space in different cultures. I create paintings, photographs, sculptures, installations, videos and performances in reaction to my research and first-hand experiences in different locations and situations.

Most recently, I spent two months in Finland creating site-specific woodpile sculptures investigating how the sparseness of the countryside has influenced Finnish social structure. I chose to focus on the concept of the woodpile because of its importance not only as a raw material to Finland, but because of how it has infiltrated every aspect of Finnish life from traditional folklore to contemporary issues of self preservation. I transformed the wood into playful/absurd moments, dislocating its function and assigning new relationships through context and form. The woodpiles spin on merry-go-rounds, become inaccessible forms marooned on a raft in a lake, and foreign bodies in an urban landscape.

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