Sri Prabha
Mixed media


Artist’s Statement

My dimensional mixed media work addresses humanities various levels of integration with nature, our origins, and the cosmos. I synthesize scientific iconography and recent discoveries to explore these themes.

My works are conceptualized based on various scientific discoveries that inform and amaze me, and deeply impact my place in the world. Discoveries by instruments like the Hubble Telescope and deep sea exploration vehicles profoundly impact my sense of being. Resin in particular I use for its malleability. Pigments, minerals, and other materials are incorporated into this primordial soup to build positive and negative spatial planes, allowing multiple surfaces to coalesce into various ethereal forms. I build up multilayered surfaces, teasing out the final image one layer at a time, manipulating the intrinsic optical and viscous qualities of epoxy resin, with heat, pigments, and gravity.

I am especially inspired by the focus of the cosmos in James Turrell’s works and the nature/organicity of Andy Goldsworthy’s materials. Regarding my interest in color, that was shaped by my childhood in India and later as an adult when I saw Rothko’s paintings. They reminded me of red and orange saris, composed with linear bands of brightly hued stripes. The early and later memories of my life, the aggregate of my experiences strongly influence the colors I choose to paint with.

The process is aided by subtle manipulation of air currents with a propane torch and gravity. I add or subtract elements like pigment, minerals and metal flakes painstakingly until the proper shapes and forms appear. Compositions within various forms are symbolic of galaxies, star clusters, and other merging cosmic bodies. Other surfaces explore the impression of intricate deep ocean trenches and chemosynthetic life. I use wood as a compliment to resin adding its inherent warm organic qualities. The final stage of each work is intensive and very detail orientated, finishing every detail to perfection.

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