Sinuhe Vega
Paint and collage


Artist’s Statement

My current work includes two constants: theatrics and an explicit rejection of the two-dimensional plane. I’m now exploring the Meringue series in which the painting breaks out into a sculptural texture imitating meringue, or the icing of a cake; and the dancing head series, where the pieces are three-dimensional boxes. However, they all consist of a multi-medium, layered process. First I build large-scale stages depicting enchanted landscapes, where I bring adorned monarchs to be photographed. Like a court painter, I enshrine them, while trying to capture the narratives of their new lives. Then, I follow with the brute, human effort to reflect on paper the moments I witnessed through the photographic lens. Through this barbaric attempt to mold paint, manipulate, and displace the images, I strive to give the subjects a sense of groundedness and humanize them.

At the same time, the series are also about creating, reproducing, and re-appropriating my own work, maximizing the full potential of each piece. As an image travels from medium to medium, it takes on a different life in each, multiplying in a kaleidoscopic way, creating infinity possibilities, and thereby revoking all notions of a “final” product. From scenography to photography, from photo to painting, and from painting to animation, the dialogue between mediums fuels, enriches, and stitches the layers of these characters and their stories. I see myself as neither the author nor the narrator of this tale, but as a journalist documenting the creative process of the artist and the lives of majestic individuals, and hopefully create a fuller sensory experience when viewers encounter the work.

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