Sandra Ramos
Havana, Cuba 


Artist’s Statement

Through my work I try to express my relation with the political and social contemporary context in my country and worldwide. My work is a reflection about history and actual life in Cuba, functioning as a daily recovery of a individual and social memory tied to everyday overcoming of economical and social uncertainties. My work reflects the lost utopian feelings and frustration of the socialism-emancipating ideal in actual society.

I use multiplicity Medias, according to the variety of significance of each work. I make prints and paintings using my self-portrait as a girl character related to Alice in Wonderland that has the function of commenting the resent history of my country through popular and surrealistic stories pointed out by texts. 

During the 90’s I developed a series of painted suitcases. They were a compilation of the experiences, dreams, deceptions and illusions of Cuban people that emigrate. This sculptures and installations, deal with the imaginary representation of and aquatic world. In them, I use materials like glass, mirrors, aquariums, water, life fishes, snails, and sand, to create a kind of artificial Water World defined by the impossibility of change human destiny.

In Promises 2002-2004, installations, I star to use the video, describing a marginal world of poverty and evasion. I walked on Havana streets recording daily live images to incorporate in my work, trying to bring the awkward outside world to the banal and fashionable environment of the art gallery. I placed my videos inside Rubbish tanks or Alcohol dispensers. I also liked to create architectural sets as a Church interior or a Hospital Room to emplace my videos etc. They all show a wide range of problematic that Cuban people have to solve every day.

On my 2008-09 Installation series I try to articulate a visual dialogue that expresses the arbitrariness of thoughts, images, perceptions, contrasts and uncertainties that we find in our daily life in the contemporary world. 

The actual development of the communication media propitiates a more progressive and aggressive speed of the physical and virtual displacements; confer to a contemporary man's life a dynamics that transcends the historical perception of time and space. Those communication channels are also affected by an aleatory order where the entropy points out us that a theoretical limit exists for the compression and assimilation of data. 

To express these ideas in a visual work, I use my personal and social memory documented through video and photographs, taking advantage of the kaleidoscopic deformation of the images and their instantaneous speed of perception (Entropidoscopios. Video Installation.2009), exalting the opposition among materials, images and concepts like that of wealth and poverty, development, underdevelopment, abundance, scarcity (The dream of the reason. Video Installation.2009) and by playing with perceptions as time-space, near and far, here and there, past and present (Parallel Roads. Installation.2009)

My work, settles a dialogue among private and public, personal and collective. 

The viewer that invades the intimate space of my mind also participates of many of these experiences and memoirs that match to shared human environment.

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