Roberto Visani
Brooklyn, NY


Artist’s Statement

In 1997, while in Ghana, West Africa I learned during the slave trade, guns were traded for people.  These guns were subsequently used in tribal wars.  Some guns however, Africans made themselves.  The materials used, improvisational approach and spiritual process of the makers was an expression of empowerment.  Based on that experience, I decided to create my own guns.  

Guns with potential 

The potential to fight, defend, protect, attack

The potential to cure old wounds and reopen them anew

I build guns from objects, materials, bric a brac and scrim scram

Some rusty old piece of somethin’ somethin’

A shiny new toy broken just so

crush join burn turn

Meaningless to Meaningful

with what remains on the curb 

in the basement

the corner of the studio 

the back of the mind

I build guns to honor my ancestors, 

my past, my children brothers sisters friends

my babies mommas mommas

my beginnings and futures

Transmutation, Distillation, Incantation, Liberation

I load my guns with fire and soul.

My guns fire ideas, questions, feelings

But no answers – I leave that to you.

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