Richard Höglund
Paris, France


Artist’s Statement

My projects are constructed around drawings. The drawings are the work, the R+D, and the methodological testing ground for a given project. I use drawing for its proximity to cognitive action, and because it privileges the gestures of writing. In writing, the distance between motor, form, & content ranges from the difference between desire, desire & desire to the difference between desire, fucking & spermatozoide. In other words, writing leads to drawing. 

Drawing leads to other media. I am interested in applying similar production models, (models developed, applied & modified in drawing) to different media (video, performance, text, photo, installation, virtual media etc.). Through repetition & variation, meaning undergoes abrasive cycles of creation & destruction. Meaning is like matter, and changes in its form create energy. The primary function of my not-drawings is to A] harness this energy, B] provide a window into the content base of the drawings. 

Much of my work is an effort to better understand the production of signs, the simulation of sense, or the virtues of method. The point of departure for my production is often found in the texts, etchings, paintings, or historical writings of others. My sources are sources of labor, working models, thought structures. They are referenced as are footnotes, discretely promoting the intelligibility of extracted elements.

Recently, questions concerning the relationship between Ethics & ®sthetics have been at the center of my attention. A long history of interpretation & application (civic, corporate, theologic, philosophic) informs & enriches the development of several new projects ranging in scope & scale..

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