Raul de Nieves
New York, NY


Artist’s Statement

Raul de Nieves is a unique rarity of color and delirious art. Born September 29, 1983 in Morelia Michuacan, Mexico. The powerfully appealing Raul utilizes techniques written and described by Maestro Dali. By using such knowledge, he creates explosive art full of detail and obsession, which can be seen in his craft. It is his goal to produce an environment that draws the viewer into his dynamically layered world. Raul currently resides in New York City where he has been working on his latest installment I Scream, u scream, we all scream for Ice Cream, of Mikilandia Productions, with the help of Mikki M. Olson.

Artist’s Links

artist’s website:    

gallery links: http://npgallery.com/artists/denieves-selected-works.html