Philip Topolovac
Berlin, Germany


Artist’s Statement

Coming from a background in photography and sculpture, the art practise of  Philip Topolovac consists of two major fields: the depiction of landscape and the aesthetics of rationalism. For him, both these themes are linked by the question of perception of reality and its representation. 

In his installations, models and sculptures he examines technological shapes of both ficitional and nonficitional origin. His "aggregates" and "hole"-installations conjure up a superstitious relationship to a seemingly rationalized, technical environment. Other sculptures and models refer to existing objects like surveillance satellites, electrical components or modernist architecture. 

The second branch in Topolovac´ work derives from his interest in urban landscapes. Scale and locality are the main topics in the mountainous landscapes that he photographs on urban constructionsites, as well as in the fiberglass moulds he takes of piles of sand and groundsections within the city. 

In his latest projects Philip works with archaeological finds, that he recovers on constructionsites in the citycenter of Berlin. The displays and photographs of artefacts from the 2nd Worldwar question our relationship to history by debating context and value of these objects.

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