Peter LaBier
New York, NY


Artist’s Statement

I made this body of work from the observation of objects.  Chosen for their unique characteristics and oppositional forms, I use a variety of source materials—essentially readymades— for the subject of my paintings.  These original objects are transformed through their re-imagining on the surface of the canvas.  The act of looking at these paintings takes on circularity: the viewer directs his or her attention at objects formerly observed in my studio.

With playful gestures toward the traditional still life motifs of memento mori my approach is ultimately much looser than Dutch masters—the distinction between what is seen and what is imagined blurs.  Free associative shapes occupy the same environment as a globe, microscope, and tombstone, throwing their defined outlines into relief. 

The negative space between images and the gaps between subjects are charged with potency, asking viewers to invent narratives and alliances to reconcile the apparent disparities among objects.  In this body of work I envision a non-hierarchical taxonomy or gathering of objects.  Together they comprise a body of flotsam and jetsam-- the disjointed refuse of our material culture.

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