Peter Kaspar
Slovokia and Chicago

Artist's Statement

My work explores the relationship between culture and memory. The conception of memory as a temporal

phenomenon is sometimes too contracted. Either in visualized or abstracted form, one of the largest

complications of memorializing our past is the fact that it is absent. This impractical desire for recalling

what is gone forever brings a feeling of nostalgia to the surface. Noticeably, in many aspects of daily life,

this is specifically seen in cultural products. My desire is to recreate, deconstruct, and reconstruct

memories contained in objects. Images sometimes blurred like a dream or a past memory where we’re

missing a part or simply don’t remember.

I believe that every surface or object is connected to a specific moment in memory. In recollecting these

memories and recalling them by visual stimulation, there is a code that can be unlocked by the individual.

I want to address and critique the significant problems of our world: global warming, urbanization, and

fast fashion. It is my attempt to deal with such issues in my work. This is an analysis and judgment of the

merits and faults of our society that needs to be addressed and is crucial to our understanding of their


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