Omar Barquet
Mexico City, Mexico

Artist's Statement 

Born in Chetumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico in 1979, Omar uses silence and geometry as a way of get related to space.  The particularity of this creator is his ability to understand the nature of space in a technical, analytical way. He combines this vision with art history and music.  He also uses the relationship between space, time, landscape; emotional and internal human chaos. The ideological current of the Bauhaus school and the Brazilian Neo-Concrete Art, are also aesthetic and ideological references from which he takes to assemble situations in which the person is vulnerable to the natural environment and uses element to build a protection.

Omar develops projects through drawing, photography, graphics and installations, with which he creates specific interventions in public and private spaces, elements that recreate how humans adapt to existing architectural structures.

“I use resources of language design, fine arts, and everyday items obtained on the street, whether by their material, their meaning or their functional characteristics. These resources are modified in a way of “collage” for the purpose of giving the projects a synthetic language that generated a number of ways in which I can enter into different spatial situations.” (1)

Other projects of Barquet relate spaces with music and live experiences, as the well known “Ghost Variations”.  The Ghost Variations is a musical concept of escape (polyphonic composition in which several voices or instrumental lines are combined, used in the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and later in the seventeenth Century) to create musical compositions using not only known musical instruments, but also simple objects that accompany their sounds. These musical performances accompany Barquet’s exhibitions with a group of poetic, philosophical narratives that form a bottom of the rendered composition.

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