Nancy Friedemann
New York, NY


Artist’s Statement

I was born and raised in Colombia.  For the past sixteen years I have been living and working between New York and Bogotá.  

In my art, I manipulate symbols that deal with stereotypes about femininity and present them in an over the top gorgeous way.  Among some of my interests are Spanish colonial art and Minimalism.  I paint some of the things that women have been historically associated with like flowers lace and embroidery.  I monumentalize them, I give them a heroic place and scale that can remind one of high macho modern art.

By reenacting the process of making lace through drawing and painting, I've captured the nature of lace making and made monumental works, intricate yet done with tiny strokes. In my large pieces I manage an economy of materials but explicitly explore the experience of identity and memory from a feminist perspective.  Simultaneously, I aim to capture the daily schism and emotions of living in between languages and cultures.

My art is an expression of cultural syncretism and transculturation. 

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