Monica Tiulescu
Oakland, CA


Artist’s Statement

This synthetic landscape functions in swarm logic. It capitalizes on the notion of universal intelligence by expressing a flow of density through the repetition of a simple changing singular member. The synthetic landscape operates through the continuous process of surfacing both spatially and behaviorally in relation to its internal logic (generative rules) and external influences (adjacencies and site). It is a formless ecology that behaves according to systems relationships and feedback resulting in emergent properties.

It is made of 900 PVC pipes built in increments of 3; including the repetition of each row 3 times, ranging in size from 3 inches to 36 inches, and arraying in angle 3 inches to negotiate between members by sloping in the appropriate direction. In its entirety it creates a field that is an expanding interdependent structure. The notion of repetition of a singular member based on a series of simple rules that exponentially accumulate is crucial in describing gradual growth and swarm intelligence. The result produces patterns that describe potential evolution in the system. The patterns exist in both the X and Y axis exposing differential flexibility in the escalation of the system.

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