New York, NY


Artist’s Statement

I've been passionately involved with post-graffiti for twelve years.  Its been a place outside, in most every sense, to experiment and explore.  All the people doing this work that I admire, continue to push the edge; even beyond the "urban" setting; just for a photo or video; for new meanings or insights, and new experiments.  I enjoy putting art where it doesn't belong.  That includes seeing it come to harm and be destroyed by its environment, or be created by these same random forces.  

Most recently I've focused on lessening control by creating chance designs with automated computer scripts, a shuffling printing process and methods of seriality.  These experiments create exponential amounts work, more than I could create or see on my own.  This is exciting but not the point.  Like an exploration/adventure seeks new sights but doesn't bog down, I'm happy to gain a sense of the results without exhausting every one of them.  And with new results come new ideas, which develop the system, leading to a new results.  These are search tools but not an end in themselves.

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