Valuing diversity and inclusion,
we inspire, engage and connect people.  

The Fountainhead, founded in 2008 by Kathryn and Dan Mikesell, believes that intimate access to artists and art opens people’s minds to the value of our diversity and fosters conversation, creating a more tolerant, respectful and inspired world.  To accomplish this, we need to nurture and empower both artists and audiences. For artists to create, they need to make a sustainable living. For people to engage with artists and art, we need to provide an inclusive, accessible and welcoming environment.

Fountainhead serves as a catalyst for opportunity and growth in the professional careers of artists, provides Miami art professionals and enthusiasts access to local artists and emerging talent from around the world, cultivates new audiences for the arts and collaborates with institutions and businesses supporting the growth of Miami’s art and cultural community building a global family that transcends all borders and continues to give back.

Each month Fountainhead hosts at least two free public events with the goal of welcoming everyone into the world of art. The Fountainhead Residency Open House, hosted at the end of each month, invites you to meet that month’s visiting artists and learn about their experience in Miami and see the work they’ve made. MEET, hosted in the first two weeks of the month, is a gathering of artists to share a meal, engage in conversation, and nurture friendships and collaborations.

The Fountainhead Residency is an international artists’ residency in Miami, FL that empowers artists to build a sustainable career and cultivates new audiences for the arts.  Each month, Fountainhead hosts 3-4 artists, operating year-round between 30-40 artists.  To date over 370 artists from 43 countries have taken part in the residency. 

The program includes time and space to explore and experiment in their practice; one-on-one critiques from arts professionals; assistance in developing materials and communication strategies to present their practice to institutions, galleries and collectors; intimate introductions to individuals throughout the arts ecosystem; and monthly community engagements. 

The Residency is based in a 1950’s Miami Modern home in the oldest historic neighborhood in Miami, with the major museums, performing arts centers, private collections and galleries all within 7 miles.

The Residency opens its doors once a month to welcome everyone to meet visiting artists. in 2020 Fountainhead is launching several new initiatives including a curatorial residency and social practice residency funded by Jorge M Pérez Family Foundation, an immigrant focused residency funded by Shepard Broad Foundation, and a residency to support artists from outside major art hubs starting with Pittsburgh, PA funded by The Heinz Endowments.

The Fountainhead Studios, located in Little Haiti provides Miami-based artists working in all mediums with affordable and flexible, raw studio space outside of the public eye. More than just studio space, we provide a community for a profession that is often solitary.  Currently, there are more than 25 artists working there.

The Studios opens its doors twice a year to the public giving people a rare view into the artists' world.  

Artists Open, Miami-Dade's first and only countywide Open Studios event launched in 2018, thanks to generous funding by Knight Foundation. While the signage said 225, by the start of the event over 300 artists open their studios to the public. Communities taking part where as far north as North Miami, east to Miami Beach, west to Doral and Hialeah and south to the Deering Estate. As word continues to spread more artists are reaching out to participate in 2020. In its second year, we expect to have well over 300 artists. To help raise awareness and provide access to artists throughout the year, a full directory of participating artists can be found at

Financial Workshops Unfortunately our education system often does not provide basic financial education, leaving artists without the tools they need to create financial stability. Launched in the fall of 2019 with funding by Knight Foundation, our monthly financial workshops teach skills and offer and interactive environment covering topics like budgeting, business structuring, credit, investing, accounting and taxes.

Artists to Artists Thankfully the now more than ever before opportunities exist for artists to earn money in addition to gallery sales, teaching and commissions. Brand collaborations, public art, creations of multiples and functional art and just a few examples. Understanding the financial models and how pursue new initiatives is the start. Through this program, artists share their experience and wisdom of how and where to begin.

The Fountainhead Haus, was a temporary project from 2012-2014.  Artists Agustina Woodgate, Christina Lei Rodriguez, Clifton Childree, Manny Prieres, and Typoe transformed a home into collaborative studio, workshop and gathering space.  The work, experiences and stories mark this historic moment in time.


From the Founders Kathryn and Dan

Dan and Kathryn with their kids Skye and Galt

Dan and Kathryn with their kids Skye and Galt

At the end of 2016, it was with great pride and excitement that we took Fountainhead to the next stage by becoming a community nonprofit and securing it's future for generations to come.  Over the last few years we have expanded our collaborations with institutions, curators, cultural embassies and nonprofits around the world. This greatly broadened the outreach, audience and value to Fountainhead artists and supporters and we're only just beginning.  

On a very personal note, the artists that are a part of the Fountainhead family have changed our lives.  They have been a constant source of inspiration.  They have helped mold our children into open-minded, compassionate,  and confident individuals.   We are proud to say the artists that have joined us in the past years have said that their careers and their lives have been enhanced from their experiences here.   We think it’s safe to say we have all have fostered relationships that will last a lifetime.  We look forward to continuing to expand the Fountainhead family of artists and supporters.

More about The Fountainhead

Fountainhead Resident Jean Smith, insisted I do a quick interview about why we do what we do.  I have to admit, it was a great idea.  I hope this provides a bit of insight.