Matt Sheridan
Los Angeles, CA


Artist’s Statement

I receive abstraction as an agent of change, so my work invites viewers into spaces of painting.  Videos and paintings, made concurrently, are complementary in my practice.  My paintings -- hand-painted actions spliced together on canvases originating from film editing techniques -- inform my videos and vice-versa.  Each painting compresses the time of its video counterpart into object; likewise, each video unpacks its painting analog into experience.  My videos -- forms and movements of abstract paintings set into motion -- are projected into architectural sites.  These “interactive canvases” address where bodies of information intersect with selection, ideology, movement and lack.  Movement, physically through/across architecture or atop/into canvas surfaces, is key: my aim is to rematerialize painting into instinctual bodily experience.  As such, my videos and paintings dissect contemporary power relations between physical reality and the click + drag mentality by challenging assumptions regarding surfaces, sites, and spaces.

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