Marco Maetamm
Tallinn, Estonia


Artist’s Statement

I was born in 1965 in Viljandi, Estonia. I studied in Estonian Academy of Arts and graduated  my MA in 1995. 

I work with a range of media including photography, sculpture, animations, painting and text. My works are telling stories which happen behind the closed doors and pulled curtains of the intimate territory we called home. Family as a little society is strongly manipulated by the big society through the macrocosms of economy, consumerism, and “quality-of-life” standards and it causes different impacts in our everyday life. These impacts are the sources of my inspiration.

Inspired by my own private life and the recurrent feeling that I could fail to preserve the balance in my existence, my work explores the grey area where ambiguous feelings of being in control and being controlled merge.

I represented Estonia at the 50th Venice Biennial in 2003 with the collaborative project and in 52nd Venice Biennial in 2007 with a solo show.

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