Marc Bijl
Berlin, Germany


Artist’s Statement

Marc Bijl deals with the daily structure of our lives and how we are perceiving it. It is full of contradiction or paradoxes, the artist isn't sure if questioning this is actually healthy or artistic at all....  There is a meaning we give to it.

In an older work the artist burned a peace sign which was at the same time a reference to arte povera and jannis kounellis. In that sense the artist is not a represent of counter-culture ideologies as such, rather more he represents freethinkers and humanist ideologies.

As an artist he is interested in those elements in life which represents structure wether it is through religion, subcultural counter-culture or political conviction. They have codes and icons to create an overview and to overraid 'non-believers' or even oneself. 

To this universal and long existing struggle Bijl adds a new personal perspective from today's 'Zeitgeist'.

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