Manny Prieres


Artist’s Statement

Every collision leaves behind a trace: debris, a trail of residue that marks the site where violence took place. The work of Manny Prieres is that sort of remnant, the product of the clash between a traditional, temperamental heritage, and an intense, idiosyncratic counterculture. During the process of this convergence, a series of artifacts are created. They stand at the threshold of a new folklore—the iconography of a new tradition.

In this sense, Prieres is an archaeologist. One that has painstakingly and lovingly preserved the objects of an unexplored civilization: their symbols, gods, rituals and lore. These artifacts bring up tales from the artist’s personal history, creating new narratives that, despite having hybrid elements from multiple sources of influence, are nevertheless moving towards an entirely different place.

Prieres lives and works in Miami, and has been involved with the local art community for the past 15 years. His work has been exhibited nationally and abroad.

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