Madeline Hollander
New York CIty

Artist's Statement

My work explores how human movement and body language negotiate their limits within everyday systems of technology, intellectual property law, sports, and pop-culture. I am interested in how performance and dance can reclaim a space in contemporary art so that it is experienced, not as a reaction to the static art object as it was once perceived, but as a critique of and departure from its current association with the spectacle. One way of achieving this is to create performances that register and respond to the spatial, thermal, and temporal conditions of their audience and context.

Madeline Hollander (b. 1986) is a New York-based artist whose work explores the evolution of corporeal vocabularies and the intersection between choreography and visual art. Hollander has recently exhibited works at Luxembourg & Dayan Gallery, NY; Sculpture Center, NY; Socrates Sculpture Park, NY; Jack Hanley Gallery, NY; Tina Kim Gallery, NY; Torrance Shipman Gallery, NY; and Human Resources, LA. 

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