Lun-yi Tsai
Sculpture, video, and installation


Artist’s Statement

My artistic practice is medium partial, by which I mean in our post-Fordist world, I persist in making objects.  However, these objects are not fetishistic.  Instead they reference the utopian dreams of Miami modernism and deco architecture.  Using techniques such as oxy-acetylene aluminum welding, my works suggest early to mid-century modern not as a nostalgic throwback to some imaginary golden age of the automobile or aeroplane, but as a poignant contemporary re-examination of that dystopic vision.  

These sculptural objects contain artefacts and traces of their making; these are signs of an anomic and/or mnemonic sort.   Surprisingly, they are sufficient to elicit memories and emotions; the non-synchronous spaces that my work inhabit contain a spectrality that challenges us to recreate what has been forgotten.  This subjective/parallactic back and forth between reconstructed pasts and anticipated futures constitutes the framings of modernism and postmodernism as deferred action.

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