Luis Alfonso Villalobos
Guadalajara, MX


Artist’s Statement

Luis Alfonso Villalobos explores ideas of nature, urbanism and architecture through the figurative abstraction of specific elements such as animals, monuments or landscapes.  In his epistemological investigation on idea and concept formation, he questions its ambivalent status to co-exist in different states of objectivity, a kind of interstice of indeterminacy in which it exists formally (on paper, sketches, models) while still pertaining to the world of ideas in a kind of vegetative state from not being physically built as a monument. In the situations he defines in his large format paintings and drawings (depending on his physical location), Villalobos ascertains situations in terms of dislocation and dispossession, failure and pessimism, appropriation and discontent, the nature of destructive power and its enlightenment. 

Drawing and painting are central to Luis Alfonso Villalobos’ (b. 1976, Guadalajara) artistic practice. He studied industrial design at Universidad Autonoma (Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico) and was recipient of several federal and regional grants both individually and as part of the collective Liga he co-directed between 2005 and 2010. Among his latest exhibitions (Heraldica, Soho! Temporada de caza, Nat Geo). He’s represented by Curro y Poncho (Guadalajara, Jalisco). He lives and works in Guadalajara. 

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