Lisa Slominski
London, England


Artist’s Statement


Lisa Slominski was born in Ohio, USA in 1981. She received her BA in Visual and Critical Studies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and also spent a year University of Cape Town, South Africa for an art and architectural landscape study. In 2008, she received her MA in Art Practice from Goldsmiths College. She currently lives and works in London.

Slominski’s current studio practice is an investigation of the relationship between observance and objects. She is specifically intrigued by how the mass-produced world of commodities --both physical as well as virtual images-- influence our state-of-mind. She studies their power through design, architecture and the everyday landscape. Slominski’s work hijacks these images and reconstructs them to discover the possibilities of an in between state of recognition.

Lisa Slominski’s work has been showed internationally, including exhibitions in the United States, South Africa, England and Scotland. In 2007, she was a finalist of the Celeste Art Prize. Slominski has exhibited her work with Doug Fishbone and Tim Head. She is an accomplished curator; having completed permanent commissions with Industry of the Ordinary’s Adam Brooks and Ellen Rothenberg while working for the City of Chicago. Furthermore, Lisa curates projects for Tenderpixel; including ‘What’s Yours Is Mine’ new work by Roisin Byrne and Duncan Wooldridge. Lisa Slominski has upcoming solo-projects in both Miami and London for 2011.


I look at the way we perceive life; often investigating how comfortable or symbolically acceptable images can be transformed into something else. By shifting ordinary materials into the realms of fine art from design, and interiors, I explore how the subject matter can morph both object and space, as well as change from universal to personal or vice versa.

My recent work documents a train of thought or constructs a state of mind that doesn’t physically exist. My installations are constructed with DIY materials, Perspex, vinyl and elements found in interior design. My sculptures and prints play off of the durability and directness of the materials, as well as finishes and styles associated with advertising, to create something permanent out of something ethereal. Furthermore, I am influenced by design and architecture; making my work part of a visual landscape that references beyond barriers.


I find collaborating with artists and curating projects an extension of my practice. I am interested in and committed to advocating for art and artists whose relevance overlaps between the global cultural climate and with in the current complexities of the art world. Combining the works of other makers can create a point-of-view and dynamic atmosphere which I cannot express otherwise.

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