Karsten Krejcarek
Brooklyn, NY


Artist’s Statement

Karsten Krejcarek is a New York-based interdisciplinary artist who is primarily focused on video and photography. His work is largely concentrated on esoteric narrative, mystical symbolism and natural phenomenon. Immersed in folk traditions and magical rituals in Latin America, Krejcarek centers his attention on Amazonia and the Caribbean—the sites of creation for much of the work. Through his artistic practice and explorative fieldwork he has expanded upon concepts of syncretism, the multiplicity of belief and symbiotic relationships between nature and the unconscious—ideas that have largely informed and benefited the narrative structure of his work and life. 

Krejcarek received a MFA from Columbia University in 2000 after graduating from the Maryland Institute, College of Art. He has regularly exhibited his work nationally and internationally over the last eighteen years, including in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia where he is represented by Nube Gallery. Most recently Krejcarek completed an experimental narrative that explores the Santería orisha, Babalú-Ayé, as part of a large-scale survey exhibition of his work at CEPA Contemporary Photography and Visual Arts Center in Buffalo, NY. He is a longstanding adjunct professor at New York University and has been a guest lecturer at numerous schools and institutions. 


Currently, Karsten is (once again) in the process of deploying a reengineered life-on-earth plan.


artist’s website: www.krejcarek.com


gallery links: www.nubegallery.com/en/