Kalup Linzy
Mascotte, FL and Brooklyn, NY

Artist's Statement

In a multidisciplinary practice that includes videos, performances, music, collages, paintings, and photography. Linzy creates satirical narratives inspired by television soap operas, telenovelas and Hollywood melodramas. Bringing an irreverent approach to stereotypes of race, gender and sexuality, he performs, most often in drag, a series of recurring roles. With the intention to create videos and performances that are at once comic, raunchy and poignant, fusing dramatic intensity with melodramatic irony, he serves as writer, director, cinematographer, editor and in a distinctive strategy, voice and overdub the dialogue of multiple characters. He also performs live and creates collages, paintings and photography as these characters. 

Artist's Links

artist's website:  www.kaluplinzystudio.com

additional links:

Art about life, not art about art     https://youtu.be/WoVY9sUjDUU

As Da Art World Might Turn (the series), Season 2      https://youtu.be/RIDZ-awhmS0

Eat and Lay (Remix - Kalup Cut), Chewing Gum (Crush On You), Get Up (Love Hangover Remix) (Cut 2)

Get Up (Love Hangover Remix)/Don't Make Me Over/We People Who Are Darker Than Blue (2015)

Don't Make Me Over/We People Who Are Darker Than Blue (2015)

Lonely (2014)

Go WIth The Flow (2014)

Art Jobs and Lullabies (2014 full album)

Romantic Loner (2013 full album)

Melody Set Me Free 4.0 "We KiKi" (2014)

As Da Art World Might Turn (the series) (2013) Episodes 1-6

Conversations Wit De Churen X:  One Life To Heal (2013)

(Introducing Kaye) Romantic Loner (2013) {Feature FIlm} 73min


Member's Only (full length performance) 2008 New Orleans

"I Love You" ( a tribute to mother and family)

Melody Set Me Free (da feature edit) Season 2 & 3 combined