Judith Robertson


Artist’s Statement

Walking is the most essential of man's functions and has been used to stave off madness (poet Edward Thomas), to muse on human nature (Rousseau, Kierkegaard), to remap man's evolutionary origins (Owen Lovejoy), as an allegiance to a cause (walk-a-thons, Werner Herzog’s trek from Munich to Paris) and to commune with the divine (followers of El Camino).  

Like many people, I walk to work.  During the walk, I listen, I smell, I gather images, and I muse.  I encounter the Mayor walking her dog, and a conversation about zoning and historic preservation ensues.  I count how many footsteps in a short block, how many in a long block.  I hear bird calls, all kinds, sometimes clear (detour through the Park), sometimes obscured (street construction along a busy artery).  A Pop song pokes out of a passing car and becomes that day’s earworm.  It is through this fluid daily ritual that we all examine and document space, consciously or unconsciously, and through that process are connected to it.  My work reframes, re-contextualizes, and elaborates on the concept of the commute, and highlights how sensory awareness sharpens our feelings of connectedness.  

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