Jessy Nite


Artist’s Statement

Jessy Nite is a multidisciplinary artist and graphic designer, living and working in Miami.  Specializing in interactive, experiential and site-specific installation, her bold narratives come alive through an array of pastel-colored typography, geometry and illustration.  Nite fabricates experiences using familiar and disarming imagery, giving audiences the freedom to interact and interpret her visual for themselves.  This free-wheeling creative exchange is the product of context, structure and her underlying, controlled message.

Nite has exhibited internationally, and her drawings and sculptures are part of several prestigious art collections around the world.  She has presented fine art projects in Miami, Newport, Provincetown, Burlington, Dallas, Sao Paulo and Bangkok;  and has worked commercially for brands such as Fiat, Married To The Mob, and The Fader, and musicians Best Coast, LCD Soundsystem, Sleighbells, Soul Clap, Mayday, and NFA.

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