Jessie Gold
New York, NY


Artist’s Statement

The Bas Fisher Invitational has invited the multimedia artist Jessie Gold to create and stage an exhibition at the Bas Fisher Invitational in October 2010.

Jessie Gold grew up in Miami, Florida and is a graduate of the Dance Program at the New World School of the Arts.  She continued her education at New York University’s Gallatin School where she began to expand her dance practice into Choreography, Fine Art and Cultural Studies.  She remained in New York to participate in the cutting edge dance and performance scene there, working both as an individual artist and a performer with a wide variety of acclaimed performers such as artist Robert Melee, and dancers Maria Hassabi, Caitlin Cook, Justine Lynch, Nancy Garcia, and Paige Martin.  She is also a founding member of the dance/art/music collective SKINT.  With all of these endeavors, she has produced boundary crossing performance works that have been presented in art galleries, museums, bars, and on the stage in venues ranging from The Dance Theater Workshop (NY), the Kitchen (NY), Greene Naftali Gallery (NY), MOCA (Miami), and various European Dance Festivals.

SKINT’s most recent performance was part of the exhibition “Corrosion of Performity,” curated by Pascal Spengemen and Andrew Kuo.  For this performance, Jessie Gold, Emily Powers, and Elizabeth Hart made nude drawing studies of each other, which they transferred onto clothes.  For the performance, they wore each other’s bodies as costumes while they performed a series of movements on a canvas and continued to construct gestures on each other’s bodies with paint as their music was mixed live.

The Bas Fisher Invitational choose to invite Gold to create an exhibit here as part of their initiative to bring artists born and raised in South Florida who currently reside elsewhere back to their hometown to re-experience and re-integrate with their cultural roots.  The BFI believes this is important to foster an expanding cultural dialog with the community.

During her time at the Fountainhead Residency Program, Gold plans to explore Miami via bike and canoe to create space for reflection and creation of work that has one foot in firmly in performance, and another foot dipped in “painting” and various forms of experimental image making.  Having primarily made work in the context of collaborative ventures, this residency will give her much needed time to expand her practice as an individual artist.  The focus of her time will be on creating an exhibition for the Bas Fisher Invitational.

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