Jaye Moon
Brooklyn, NY


 Artist’s Statement

I am interested in architectural space and manipulating objects. I chose legos because they are associated with architectural forms, ready-made objects based on industrial and mechanical functions.  I’m also interested in legos as toys.  Toys are childish and innocent, but they are impersonal and objective as well.  By using toys as objects, I try to find my identity through a universal concept that is detached from the concepts of culture and individual personality.  I can see links to pop art and minimal art in my work.

These days we live in portable and instant living conditions.  In my early work, I made lunchboxes, suitcases and drawers with living spaces inside.  I wanted to create modern architecture using concepts of portable and instant lifestyles which is prevalent in our society.  To express the idea, I used semi-translucent white and fluorescent plexiglas.  I was intrigued by the reflection of the fluorescent plexiglas because the reflected light from the semi-translucent surface creates a more subtle and integrated effect than using electrical lighting in a piece. The reflections are like minimal paintings.   I also added stainless steel handles hinges and latches to my suitcases so they can be opened, closed and carried like small homes.  Drawers illustrate the concepts of organization and the transportation of personal belongings.  I also added handles so the sculptures function as real drawers, and created architectural spaces inside.  

In my recent work, I made home-like structures encased in forms resembling consumer products, like storage containers and gift boxes.  To me, a house is a giant container that holds everything we own, including ourselves.  My new work manipulates the form of containers to highlight their relation to consumer psychology.  In these “containers,” I continue to explore the ways people inhabit and understand spaces.  The new work is constructed from the same materials I have been working with – semi-translucent white and fluorescent plexiglas, and legos – with the addition of mirrored surfaces and more complex interior patterns and designs, creating a wide array of optical variation in the interiors as well as on the exterior surfaces.  My integration of house into container, or vice-versa, plays on the idea that the functional similarities between the two are interchangeable, and that either one could potentially store the other.  My work occupies the border between art and architectural design.  

Artist’s Links

artist’s website:    Coming soon!

gallery links:     

Saatchi Gallery, London

Newman Popiashvili Gallery, NYC

Max Estrella Gallery, Madrid