Hew Locke
London, UK


Artist’s Statement

Locke explores the subject of power, particularly through the representation of royal portraiture, coats-of-arms, public statuary, trophies, company share certificates, weaponry and costume. In his early works, Locke began to see the Royal Family, and specifically the Queen's official portrait, as a vehicle through which he confronted and evaluated his experiences of growing up. With this subject, his work began to engage with the embodiment of power, building amalgamations between different cultures and colonial histories.

Successfully merging influences from both Guyanese and British cultures, Locke delves deeply into the history behind the subject matters and objects involved in his works. Unifying this knowledge with his creative vision he creates pieces that stand on a crossroad of cultures, mediums and historic references.

Artist’s Links

website:  www.hewlocke.net     

gallery link: www.halesgallery.com