Gabriel Vormstein
Berlin, Germany


Artist’s Statement

In Gabriel Vormstein´s works newsprint remains an index of already passed events of the day and at the same time becomes alienated by its “new” presence as an art piece. Vormstein is using classical female figures, which he draws after Egon Schiele’s girls. 

These women can be seen as new colored statues, votive images or protagonists in the “landscape” of the exhibition. For some of these figures, collaged pieces from older “failed” works of Vormstein are used. By recycling his own work, the artist reanimates his heroines and combines elements and characters from imaginary personas. 

This recycling also occurs in the abstract pieces, where the collaged newspaper fragments create a new pattern, that recalls classical abstract paintings and moreover is reminiscing of old walls or emotional landscapes.There is an interesting contrast between the realism of the newspaper and the atmospheric storyline that the Vormstein’s works are creating. Emphasized by different adapted styles and symbols, the paintings also refer to disappearing and upcoming cultural periods of time. In this sense the past is attached to the present.

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