Artist's Statement

In my painting installations I use process that is bound to a thinking painter's studio. I exhibit the paintings within an installation that reflects the studio in which the paintings were made. The paintings read as collaged studio elements (visual notes, painter's tape, and process detritus) on canvas; however, the paintings are acrylic on canvas with no actual collage. The trompe l'oeil aspect of the work emerged from my ongoing observation of my residual studio elements. I use a limited number of images and obsessively repeat painting them, each as a micro-painting (all around 4" x 4") within the larger composition of canvases (mostly 72" x 80" stretched to stretcher bar supports). I digitally capture and print parts of the paintings as I paint them. I like how the printer imprecisely reproduces what has been photographed and I use this imprecise print to further construct each painting. The paintings offer their own Tristram Shandy moments, describing for the viewer their coming into visual being. Similar to my paintings my project as an artist has become a fluid description of my coming into being an artist in rapt relationship to art heroes past (Matisse, Duchamp, Newman, Mondrian, Stella, Judd, Irwin, others).

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