Emily Noelle Lambert
Brooklyn, NY


Artist’s Statement

The process of uncovering and peeling away material, meaning, and ultimately myself drives my paintings. In my most recent work, I intuitively explore my experiences by extracting them--both consciously and subconsciously--from a visual language of impressions, recollections and desires. Collage is an important element, both metaphorically and literally. In many paintings the collage takes the form of images, brush strokes, and pattern; some paintings include traditional collage materials such as cut paper while others include net and glass beads as well as paper. The inclusion of these materials reflects my desire for a greater physicality, more muscle and fight, and a yearning to see thought made tangible. Ultimately, my process of painting is aligned with the process of living, a search for meaning and lyricism and a striving for both.

Artist’s Links

artist’s website:  www.emilynoellelambert.net          

gallery link:  www.priskajuschkafineart.com