Elisabeth Condon
Tampa, FL 


Artist’s Statement

Inspired by cultural traditions of wandering, I paint imaginary landscapes that reflect my frequent travels. 

Space unfurls as gestures or pours of paint, defining landscapes in movements shaped by technology and globalization. Controlled accidents, such as exploding pours of paint, favor contingency and process so that painting becomes like taking a trip. Nestled in atmospheric volumes of color, geometric versions of Scholar Houses balance form with formlessness.  Space weaves rhythmically around, lapsing into doodles and coalescing as mass. Compressing spatial depth into shallow layers of paint evolves a simultaneous field, from which disparate applications emerge and dissolve.  

The butterfly perspective and stacked space of traditional Chinese scrolls foreground the overlay of memory, time and place I experience in the landscape. 1960s LA, Yuan Dynasty landscape and Dr. Seuss seamlessly merge in a multi-layered space for eyes to roam.

Artist’s Links

artist’s website:  www.elisabethcondon.com       

gallery link:  www.dorschgallery.com