Don Lambert


Artist’s Statement

Immaculate ideas. Consummate conceptions. Electric fireplaces, stardates, and the speed of light. Sleeping alive.

I am fascinated with the production of image, knowledge, and the building of institutions. My central research interests lie within the domains of social identity and cognition. I am specifically interested in motivational aspects of social identification and how social identities may be used to satisfy individuals’ needs for assimilation and differentiation- belonging and remaining distinct. The thread that runs through the whole of my work is an interest in understanding the importance of relationship in the lives of individuals. 

I am a borrower who prefers scratch-and-sniff, scratch-off, and snatch to building from scratch. By modifying the structure and composition of existing objects or data, I hope to challenge the viewer’s relationship to the original, inviting participants to critique existing hegemonic systems rather than taking them for face value- seeking alternatives to the status quo.

Within my work I intend to develop an aesthetic that invests visual representation with aspects of interaction and socialization. My practice is not relegated to the creation of objects of which one can easily say where they precisely start or end; it is continued in other realities and echoed in other nodes. The works are as much process, and interaction, as they are object, and though they occupy space sometimes quite materially, or volumetrically, they are on other occasions very narrative, or textual, or experiential.  

The whole of my work is as much a collection of activities as it is a definable material structure, visible and understood by a mapping of resources, processes and constructions, a coherent stream of experience synthesized through a diversity of media streams.

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