Many Fountainhead led programs are free and open to everyone.  

Fountainhead Residency Open Houses 
Held at The Residency, Open Houses are a time when current residents open their studios and invite the public to experience their work, learn about their practice and build connections that will continue when they leave Miami and return home. 

Fountainhead Open Studios
Held twice a year at The Fountainhead Studios, this is a rare opportunity to inside more than 30 artists studios.  Artists are eager to answer your questions, share stories of what inspires them and foster relationships in the community.

One-on-One Studio Visits
Studio visits are ongoing and therefore not listed on the calendar.  Studio visits are a integral component of The Fountainhead.  They provide valuable feedback and guidance to artists and an in-depth introduction to educate art world professional and potentially create opportunities for themselves and the artists.   We welcome local and visiting professionals.  If you would like to be invited to do studio visits please email us.

Fountainhead Residency and Studios Experiences 
Scheduled throughout the year, we host unique experiences for local and visiting museum patrons, professional organizations, community boards, fundraising groups, etc.  To schedule an experience please email us.

Miami Art Experiences
Once a month we'll take to the streets to visit galleries and artists' studios.   We take pride in our community and we want to be your connector!  Each month we'll visit different locations and introduce you to the incredible people that make Miami unique.  All experiences will be listed on the calendar.