Claudia Calle


Artist’s Statement

Claudia Calle is a Colombian mixed media artist based in Miami. Her passion for embracing the lifestyle of the places she visits inspires her photography, fusing instinct with a conscientious study of the social and cultural intricacies of her surroundings. 

Creating from a spontaneous place where, even if only for a brief moment through the camera lens, she exposes the essence of people and things in front of her, Calle experiments with photography, painting and non-conventional materials.  Her travels in Thailand, India and China have been the latest subjects of her work, and have given way to collage, photo processing on wood, propaganda posters and video.

She is the recipient of numerous awards including First Place - International Photography Award / Collage Pro in 2010, two honorable mentions from IPA in 2009 and Photographer’s Forum “Top 100 Best Photography Worldwide” in 2002. 

Claudia Calle studied Visual Arts at the Caldas University in Colombia, Photography at the Audiovisual Art Center in Mexico, Photo Design at Miami AD School, and recently completed a Master in Spiritual Science.

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