Casey McKee
Berlin, Germany


Artist’s Statement

Casey McKee’s process is a combination of photography and painting. First creating the photograph, thenprinting it onto a surface by use of a photographic emulsion, McKee spends the majority of time working withoil paint to bring out the desired expression in his works. To experience the works in person is to realize thedepth, layers and subtlety created with the fusion of oil paint with photographic emulsion. The final work is neither a photograph, nor a painting but something directly in between with qualities of both.

Born in Phoenix Arizona, Casey McKee has exhibited his work throughout much of the United States including:New York, Los Angeles, Minneapolis and Chicago as well as across the Atlantic in London, Hamburg, Frankfurtand Berlin. In addition, Mr. McKee’s work has been exhibited and collected by several major and private museums.He now resides in Berlin, Germany.

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