Carlos Falarara


Artist’s Statement

I am self taught artist Brazilian born, Miami resident.

My work aesthetics is to create intensely decorative sculptures, drawings, installations and mixed media objects. The works are arrangements of natural, pre fabricated and found objects from my surroundings from the Miami area. I am interested in objects that are highly decorative and often the works found in shop window displays, Antique Markets and Museums. These narratives allow me to explore and implement materials in unconventional ways. I navigate from abstract to a humanistic assemblage of ideas where I borrow references from human anatomy and nature aliens like forms and decorative design objects. By these complex mixed medias and experimental processing I want my work to engage in a conversation of transformation, where materials and the work of art originated are only the initial preparatory surface for the medium to be applied; where I juxtapose an arsenal of many different ideas and concepts and technics. 

The subject matter which my works tends to address often connects my past-present work experiences allowing me to re-visit past connections in my art making; mediums implementation like the usage metal leafing, pigments, wall finishes, ceiling painting and many other formats of art expression I had acquire thru self learning. I am concerned with the psychological influence of technics and colors, its affect and sensory impact upon the viewer.

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