Brian McKee
Brooklyn, NY


Artist’s Statement

Brian McKee was born in 1977 in Kansas City, Missouri and attended the Interlochen Arts Academy and Bard College. While at Bard College he studied photography with Stephen Shore, Larry Fink and Barbara Ess. For five years he was the assistant to the photographer Lynn Davis. He currently lives and works in New York City and Vienna, Austria. 

Solo Exhibitions: 

2009: STRUCTURAL MEMORY: Nusser & Baumgart Contemporary, Munich, Germany 2008: STRUCTURAL MEMORY: Hilger Contemporary, Vienna, Austria 2006 : URBANUS : The Columns Art Center, Seoul, South Korea 

2006: URBANUS: Galerie Stefan Ropke, Koln, Germany 

2006 : Two Projects: S.M.B.- DETRITUS: Schweinfurt Stadtische Museum, Schweinfurt, Germany 

2005 : URBANUS : Hilger Contemporary, Vienna, Austria 

2005 : URBANUS : Mitchell-Innes & Nash, New York, New York 

2005 : RE-BUILD-INGS : Gallery Arnes y Ropke, Madrid, Spain 

2005: Brian McKee and Trevor Amery: Galerie Birthe Laursen, Copenhagen 

2004 : DETRITUS : Nusser and Baumgart Contemporary, Munich, Germany 

2004 : Selected Artist : Brussels International Art Expo, Brussels 

2004 : Recent Works : Galerie Bonomo, Rome, Italy 

2003 : DETRITUS : Hilger Contemporary, Vienna, Austria 

2003 : DETRITUS : Galerie Poller, Frankfurt, Germany 

2002 : Fotografie aus New York : KunstRaum, Essen, Germany 

2001 : Soviet Military Bases: KunstMarkt, Krefeld, Germany 

1999 : SITES : Olin Building at Bard, Annandale, New York 

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