Brandon Opalka
Collage, painting, and sculpture


Artist’s Statement

Painting is a mix of cerebral meditation and a romantic desire to visualize beauty. What I find important in art are its fundamental elements such as form, color, light, composition, line, and space. They act as catalysts for many of the undulating forms and textures created in my work. 

The landscapes I paint are enigmatic worlds derived from both organic and synthetic forms and textures. The images for my paintings come from sculpted forms and photographs that create semi-personal compositions. Although the process involves drawing, model making, and photography, the final product is still oil on canvas. The intricate details and shades of colors reflect my beginnings in street art and an appreciation for landscape painting in a historical context. My background as a graffiti artist influences the bold, graphic shapes in my work, while traditional landscape paintings become a blueprint for movement and light. 

My goal as an artist is for the viewer to be won over by the fluidity of color and form, creating an illusion and the belief that they have seen a new, real place. 

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