Wynnie Mynerva


November 2nd- December 7th

Artist’s Statement:

The porn industry is a powerful instrument for the creation of models and stereotypes, and one where aesthetic indoctrination is done through complex mechanisms that regulate the construction and placing of the body during sex, the created sexual fantasies and, in the end, a society’s beauty canons. We are constantly assaulted by impossible models which invade us, making us untrusting and guilty, denying us spaces to experiment our sexuality, because we feel incapable of accessing that space of reflection if we don’t have the penis, vagina, breasts, nipples and anuses that are considered ‘perfect’. 

I am a visual artist currently living and working at Lima, Peru. I studied Art History at the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos and, afterwards, Fine Arts (Painting) at the Escuela Nacional Superior Autónoma de Bellas Artes del Peru.

My work usually explores the sexual use of bodies and taboos. When I discovered my sexuality and explored it, I accomplished sex’s great promise, pleasure in all its breadth, discovering my ability to feel sexual gratification. 

What a heterosexual man imagines, along with his practices, were insufficient for me. The model of heterosexual sex, the paradise of eternally erect penises, has not been a reality for me and originated my paranoia. 

I think of my art pieces as places where bodies renounce the benefits they obtain when they adjudicate a gender for themselves, becoming an escape and construction medium. Sex as an organ and practice of new fictions, shaken by the pleasure of revealing ourselves.    

I have had two solo exhibitions, Sex Machine and El otro sexo [the other sex], in Lima, Peru. I have done several group exhibitions, such as: SINCRÓNICAS, horizontes del arte peruano desde el coleccionismo [horizons of Peruvian art from collectionism], CIFO ART, Madrid, Spain (2019); Relaciones peligrosas [dangerous relationships] Museo Genaro Pérez, Córdoba, Argentina (2018); #2: Generación Y [Generation Y] , YGallery Lima, Peru (2018); Intervenciones [Interventions], Proyecto AMIL, Lima, Peru (2017); and Noche De Videos 2: Los Indolentes [Video Night 2: The Indolents] Sala Luis Miro Quesada Garland, Lima, Peru (2018); among others.

I have also participated on international art fairs, represented by Ginsberg Galería, such as: ARCO Madrid 2019, (Madrid, Spain); Mercado de Arte Contemporáneo [Contemporary Art Market] 2018 - MAC, (Argentina); and Parc 2019 (Lima, Perú).

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