Elechi Todd


May 2 - 31, 2019

Generously sponsored by CCH Pounder

Artist Statement

There’s an ongoing parallel between my painting and my life experiences both past and present. This relationship has allowed me to form an archive of methods and themes that I’m continuously adding to and subtracting from to make new work. I am asking questions about identity and one’s sense of self and thinking about what comes into play while forming this idea of self. I often use my own body as an element or the central subject in my work. The human body is very malleable and can express an infinite amount of things in different forms, contortions and contexts, so I take advantage of this and have explored themes surrounding anxiety, uncertainty and nomadism.


Elechi Todd is an artist from Trinidad and Tobago, currently focusing on mixed media works on paper. He lives and works in Trinidad where he has co-curated and participated in several group shows with other local artists, reviving abandoned and underused spaces, most notably The Paper Show, 2015 and Common Thread, 2018. He has also exhibited internationally in group shows in Portugal and London.

Artist Links

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