Haley Josephs

Brooklyn, NY

December 10, 2019 - January 15, 2020

Artist Statement

Everything in this world is responding to human attention.

I am working through a narrative rooted deep within me.  My paintings are inspired by the weight of family trauma that is passed down from generation to generation.  This includes my own emotional trauma and psychological states, as well as my perspective I have of others emotional sensibilities.  Although I consider my work autobiographical, it also has the power of the universal. 

My practice illustrates emotional and psychological mental states.  These can be described, or discussed through image, form and color.  They do not need to seek descriptive words or explanations.  The figure has the capacity to present internal struggles. I often depict a solitary figure with a sense of power and perseverance in a foreboding, apocalyptic landscape. 

For me, what matters most is to represent the importance of light and dark in ourselves as humans.  The absolute critical point is that our freedom to be sick becomes our teacher. 

Haley Josephs (b. 1987, Seattle WA) is a Brooklyn based painter.  

She received her BFA in Painting & Drawing from Tyler School of Art at Temple University in 2011 and her MFA in Painting & Printmaking from Yale University in 2014.  She has exhibited locally and internationally.  Her next solo show will open this Fall at 315 Gallery in Brookyln, NY.

Artist Links

Artist website:  http://www.haleyjosephs.com