Bruno Miguel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

January 16 - February 28, 2019

Curated by Nina Levent

Artist Statement

In 2004 I began investigating the construction and representation of landscape through painting. Since then I have become very curious and active in its various languages. Painting is perhaps the most prominent medium when it comes to my obsessive relationship with production and its consequential routine. I’ve always understood that painting, rather than technique and history, is the way I appropriate and think about the world around me. In recent years the issues surrounding landscape, as we know it, have given rise to a more dedicated investigation of painting in my practice. Whatever rhetoric I develop to justify my options, the real strength of my research lies in the work itself. Not in the product itself, but in the work done in my studio: a process that generates unique results through conscious repetition as I search for variety. My curiosity and restlessness cause my research to move forward, always a process of constant transformation. Part of my process involves a certain compulsivity of searching for mistakes that may lead to unpredictable solutions. Often they hide behind the banal dazzle of imagery that would otherwise be classified as ‘easy’ or ‘commonplace’. My research is a kind of peripheral post-pop, always relating the highs and lows of culture: belonging and immigration, family histories, the anthropology of excess (production and consumption of our times), reflections on a colonial heritage, domestic life as a political issue, and post tropicalia. My work is a vulgar and exuberant ‘maquillage’ that superficially disguises its underlying condition of the eternal search for beauty- not the beauty of history or of painting, but the beauty of memory expressed through painting.    

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