Shatha Al-Deghady

Ace of Spades.png

Cairo, Egypt

September 15 - October 30, 2018

Hosted in partnership with Africa Centre

Artist Statement

Shatha Al-Deghady is an Egyptian artist graduated from Faculty of Fine Arts in Cairo, graphic section, printable designs division, 2009. Her background in design has informed her approach as a visual artist and her fascination with the process of creating symbols and codes, transformed her artworks to become a symbol itself or a code for audience to decode in somewhat a game she force them to be involved in.

she creates situations where audiences are forced to interact physically with the artwork in order to answer questions about how and why it has been constructed. she often do this by leaving something missing from the artwork that the viewer can complete. Sometimes this interaction is by touch, as in her work «Oops», or by using technology, as she invited the audience to contribute to create a human personality in a Facebook profile in her work «Hoo2o6t». She is always interested in using and experimenting different mediums and to collaborate with other artists as in her work «similar» and her latest show «Ace of Spades».

She is interested in the role of psychology in perception and truth, power dynamics, and individual struggle against authority on a social and political level. She is working on an ongoing artistic research on the role of personal fears in limiting people`s freedom, started by showing her artwork «dare to doubt», 2015 and in her latest projects she is exploring the concept of time and existence.

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