Blanca Pujals


London, England

July 20 - August 22, 2018

Hosted in conjunction with Robert Chambers of FIU

Artist Statement

Blanca Pujals is an architect, filmmaker and critical writer. She got her BA in Architecture at Barcelona School of Architecture (Spain). She completed her studies with a MA in Critical Theory and Museum Studies at the Independent Studies Program of MACBA Museum tutored by the philosopher Paul B.Preciado. She was recently a postgraduate at the Centre for Research Architecture (Visual Cultures Department) directed by Eyal Weizman and Susan Schuppli, at Goldsmiths University of London. She is currently developing her PhD in Arts and Sciences at the Baltic Center for Contemporary Art and Northumbria University (UK).

Her cross-disciplinary practice approaches the material conditions of regimes of representation through a wide approach to the idea of architecture in its human and non- human condition.  Her research is let through a critical spatial practice as a form of research to engage with questions of contemporary culture, philosophy of science and transnational politics, developing tools for undertaking analysis through different visual and aural devices. Her work is not limited to one medium; rather, it encompasses film, architecture as well as lectures, curatorial projects and writing. Her last recent film projects are ‘Specular Technologies’ (2015), ‘Bodily cartographies’ (2016) and ‘A Synthetic Universe’ (2016), and the curatorial project ‘Geographies and forms of power’ (2017-2018).

Blanca has worked on projects in Colombia, Iraq, England, Afghanistan or Switzerland and she is also a regular contributor to art projects and exhibitions in Spain and UK.

She gives lectures and publishes internationally. Currently, she teaches at the MA and Grade in Critical and Experimental Design at BAU University in Barcelona.

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